Our homes are nestled in the heart of The Shoals in Northwest Alabama. With an active recovery community, the shoals is centered in the Quad Cities of Florence, Muscle Shoals, Sheffield, & Tuscumbia. With a surrounding population of 150,000, many have found 12-step meetings and a supportive environment most beneficial towards living a life of sobriety free from chemical dependency.

Country Living:
Located 10 miles outside of Florence, our country living location is where the women begin their journey. The women participate in group mutual aid sessions to help stabilize one another as they begin to recover. They learn to serve one another, maintain chores, listen & learn all while beginning a foundational understanding of the 12 steps. Our clients participate in Community Actions's parenting classes. Client involvement also includes character building ,life skill classes, coping strategies, and Shoals Yoga. The Clients also have access to a salt water pool on property.

Helton Court:
Located across from the YMCA, is our second Phase of Sober Living for our clients. Clients learn to work one on one with a sponsor, and attend outside 12 step meetings. The clients are linked with vocational rehab & Easter seals which help them seek employment and/or educational assistance.


Lucie Bowen

Founder, AADAC

Lucie has more than 20 years as an addiction therapist in a variety of settings. Her compassion for helping others comes from her personal experience as well as experience with family and friends. She lives on-site confirming her desire to break the cycle of addiction and help women live up to their God-given potential. Lucie believes that love is a powerful antidote for addiction and feels compelled to establish a safe and nurturing atmosphere for women. That vision, along with Lucie’s dedication and hard work, is what started A New Beginning and helps make it the dynamic and growing program it is today.

Olivia Ikerd

Executive Director

Olivia is a native of Florence, Al and has been working in the field of addiction for over 10 years. She began working with addicts 2010 as a volunteer at A New Beginning. She became a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor through Alabama Alcohol & Drug Abuse Association in 2012. Olivia graduated from University of North Alabama with a degree in Criminal Justice and Sociology in 1998 and wanted to work with individuals in the court system because of her experience as a graduate of Lauderdale County Drug Court in 2010. She began working at Lauderdale County Corrections as a Court Referral Officer in 2015. She was certified through the Alabama Office of Courts as an CRO officer and worked in the same office she reported as an defendant 6 years earlier. Olivia returned to A New Beginning in 2020 as Director and is glad to be home working to help women overcome addiction and become the moms, sisters, daughters, and best humans they can be. Olivia's Mantra is, " Be the change you wish to see in the world."

Heather Anderson

Group facilitator & Recovery Coach

Heather is a native of Memphis, Tn, but has spent most of her adult years in Florence. After a fast spiral down, She came to A New Beginning in 2018 for her own healing. Heather brings a loud passion for ethically responsible and compassionate care to Women’s Recovery. You can find her facilitating our intensive groups that reflect a supportive culture and community. Heather's Mantra is, " Let's do the damn thing."

Aprille Phillips

Recovery Coach & House Manager, Helton Court

Aprille is a native of Tuscaloosa, AL. After years of substance abuse, she came to A New Beginning in 2016. Once she completed the program, joined our staff and has made Florence her home. She is active in AA and deeply enjoys spending time with women in recovery. Aprille's Mantra is, " Be true to yourself."

Kelly Sinquefield

Recovery Coach & House Manager, Country Living

Kelly is a native of Memphis, TN after many years of struggling with addiction. She came to A New Beginning in 2014, and decided to stay in the Shoals area. Kelly has dedicated her life to being a positive role model for her grand daughters and living with purpose. Kelly's mantra is, " When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change."



Our program fee is $800.00 per month with a one-time $300.00 admission fee payable with cash or money order.
If you would like for us to reserve a bed for you, we will need the $300.00 admission fee payment to hold a bed.
Upon admission, your $800.00 program fee will be due.
Drug screens are $20.00
AA Books and 12 & 12 can be bought on-site for $10.00 each

We also accept Discover, MasterCard, and Visa credit/debit card payments, however, there is a 5% processing charge.


  • An open mind & willingness to change your life for the better.
  • 10 days’ worth of casual outfits, pajamas, socks, bras, panties
  • Bring your own hangers
  • 4 additional outfits for outside meetings/church (all shorts must come to end of fingertips when arms are held down at your side
  • 3-4 pairs of shoes
  •  One piece swimsuit
  • Leggings are allowed but you must have a long shirt to cover the front and back
  • Toiletry, grooming & personal/feminine items (unopened & alcohol free)
  • Notebook, folder, paper, journal and pens for group
  • Envelopes & stamps if you wish to write letters to family/friends
  • Any & all current medications-Rx, over the counter, topical-be sure you have refills (6 months) and a first aid kit. Please bring Ibuprofen or Tylenol
  • Driver’s License or government issued photo ID, Social Security Card, and Health insurance card(s) if you have coverage.
  • Food Stamp Card (if you have one)
  • Important peoples phone numbers, fax numbers, and addresses (CRO, PO, Judges, Etc.…)
  • AA/NA Books and 12 & 12 (or you can purchase on site for $20.00)
  • Cigarettes & lighter if you smoke
  • We provide tea and coffee, so if you would like sodas you can bring a couple of six packs for personal 
  • Small amount of money. We have store run once a week for cigarettes, drinks, and candy ONLY.
  • Towels, wash cloths, laundry basket, alarm clock, laundry detergent, and a cup with a lid
  • OPTIONAL: 2-3 small personal items such as pictures in table mounted frames, blanket, ect.
  • Purses and make-up bags must be cleaned and free of debris.
  • Box of tissue and toilet paper.
  • Bring your personal pillow and pillow case
  • 1 first aid kit
  • Negativity or bad attitudes
  • Cell phones, beepers, personal computers, or other electronics
  • More than two weeks’ worth of clothes
  • Items of value either monetary or sentimental
  • Large amounts of money
  • Knives, guns, or other weapons
  • Drugs, alcohol, or other paraphernalia
No, at this time we do not accept any insurance.


  • 122 Helton Court Florence, AL 35630



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